How to install ETYMO

You do not really need to install ETYMO: just copy it in an apropriate directory - that's it. I recommend you the following download procedure:

  1. Before you start downloading make a directory named "ETYMO" on your harddisk drive (usually "C:"). There are different ways to do so, the most easy one is the following: open the windows explorer (START -> PROGRAMS -> Explorer). Choose the drive "C:" (by clicking on it). Choose "NEW -> DIRECTORY" from the FILE-Menu and enter the name ("ETYMO").
  2. Go back to the download page and download the files. When the program asks you where you want to save the file, choose the directory you've just created (click on "C:", then on "ETYMO".
  3. After you've downloaded the files, you should update your AUTOEXEC.BAT. You can do this by opening the file AUTOEXEC.BAT with a traditional editor. Add the line SET COMSPEC=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM (wherever you want to) if it is not already there (note: if your COMMAND.COM file is not in the windows directory, you must indicate its path. Go here for more information). Save the file on the same name.

Now, ETYMO should be ready to run (actually the changes you made to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file don't have any effect until you restart your computer, but this is not really necessary - just "read" ahead). How to make it run

Open a DOS window (START -> PROGRAMS -> MS-DOS-PROMPT). Set the window to full screen size (if it's not, click with the RIGHT mouse button on the MS-DOS icon which is on the bar at the bottom of the screen, choose PROPERTIES -> SCREEN -> FULL SCREEN). Now, make sure you're on the drive where you installed ETYMO (otherwise change the drive by typing "c:", "d:", "e:" or whatever). Make sure you're in the uppermoast directory by entering "CD\". Now enter the directory ETYMO by writing "CD ETYMO". If you didn't restart your computer after downloading the files: enter SET COMSPEC=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM (like above). Enter "EEDIT" to run the editor or "ETYMO RULES.TXT" to run the program with the spanish examples. It should work...!

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