Source code

Note: The program an all parts of it are FREE software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

A word about the source code in general

As I already mentioned, I'm not a professional programmer. So, the source code might look somewhat chaotic to you... O, of course: a part from that, it doesn't really respect any standard..., but I'm sure that if you're a freak, you'll find your way through it and find a compiler that is disposed to transforme it into executable code... :-))

All the programs were compiled with the free GNU C-Compiler for MS-DOS.


ETYMO.CC The main program
CALC.H Makes calculations
DTYPE.H Defines global data types
PARSER.H Reads linguistical formulas and translates it into an internal form. Has been generated with PARSGEN.CC (see below)
HANDMADE.H ... well, some things that couldn't be generated with PARSGEN.CC :-))
READFUNC.H Reads linguistical formulas (in collaboration with PARSER.H)
TREE.H Responsible for evolution trees
VIRTUAL.H Handles virtual screen
STAT.H Statistical functions (for corpus calculation)
SCRSAV.H ... well, something like a screensaver... ;-))

OTHERS (independant or help programs)

PARSGEN.CC A self-made parser generator (... well, it's far not as good as unix's lex and yacc..., but it did it's job...;-))
PARSDEF.PAR Definitions for parser (used it for PARSGEN.CC)
TESTMODE.CC ... if you really want to massacre your monitor ... ;-))
CONDENSE.CC Quite usefull and not too ugly programmed... ;-))
MKCOR.CC Can be used to elaborate word corpora from ASCII text files. MKCOR sorts the words of the file so that every form is listed only once
SORTSTAT.CC After a corpus calculation, the file STAT.LOG contains all calculation results. SORTCAT can be used to sort out "good" and "bad" evolutions (wich are written to GOOD.LOG and BAD.LOG).
O ... and, please, don't ask me if you can get the source code for EEDIT. This rather useless program was written in Turbo Pascal (using the TVISION-library) and since I've desinstalled the PASCAL-Compiler I really don't know where the heck it could be... :-(


The UNIX version of the program can be downloaded as a zipped TAR-file: etymo.tar.gz

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