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TESTMODE.EXE Tests different text modes. If you want my advice: DON'T USE IT! Normally, it doesn't make but troubles.. :-)) I just put it in case a freak wants to try it. 24-II-2000

(written in march 1999)

EEDIT.EXE Something like an editor.. ;-)) Written in a hurry and not very good (only files up to 64K are supported). Not really indispensible (use MS-DOS »edit« oder WINDOWS »notepad« instead). 24-II-2000

(written in march 1999)

ETYMO.EXE Thats the one you really need.. :-)) October 2000 (V 1.3)
CONDENSE.EXE Cleans up rule files by cutting out unused rules. May be useful. 24-II-2000
MKCOR.EXE Given an ASCII text file, the program creates a list of all words it contains. Words are only listed once October 2000
SORTSTAT.EXE Sorts "good" and "bad" calculations (from STAT.LOG) and writes them to GOOD.LOG and BAD.LOG. October 2000

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