Persons working on ETYMO

The people who are working / have worked on ETYMO come from two different universities:

University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Person Function
Prof. Aldo Menichetti (Department of Romance Philology) surveillance of the linguistical part of the project
Marcel Schmuki (student) linguistical aspects

There were also several students who followed the course "gramática histórica española", teached by E. Canónica from the  department of "lenguas y literaturas iberorománicas", who have contributed to the corpus which has been used for statistical calculations. A special thanks goes to Marta Bravo, Audrey Jeannet and Gabriela Cordone.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Person Function
Volker Jantzen (member of the Speech Processing Group at TIK) planning (technical part)
Schamai Safra (member of the Speech Processing Group at TIK) surveillance of implementation
Alexander Josef (student) implementation
Placi Flury (student) implementation

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